Will We Get Up?

In 1987 Oral Roberts, a televangelist from Oklahoma told his followers that if he didn’t receive 8 million dollars in donations within 3 months, God was going to “call him home.” Ultimately, 9 million was raised and Roberts lived another twenty-two years.

I remember hoping back then Roberts would only receive $7, 999, 999 then dramatically, drop dead on national television. Not because he didn’t deserve to breathe. I just figured he would’ve converted millions to Christianity which I assumed was his true goal.

It couldn’t have been that he was more into collecting cash than saving souls?

Then again, Roberts was a seed-faith proponent, meaning he preached that money, given in faith, would be multiplied by God and returned to the giver. Huh? I wonder why he didn’t faithfully present God with a monetary seed and wait for it to multiple into the 8 million he needed?

I think Trump might’ve been a traveling, tent revival, evangelist in a past life because he sure knows how to get folks to give him cash along with their blind trust. His current election defense fundraising is not only enriching his super PAC and paying off his campaign debts but clearly, it is the seed money he faithfully believes will multiple and finance his Trump TV empire.

The fact that he will probably raise millions during a pandemic while his followers die is impressive.

I blame the prosperty gospel. Not the one televangelists preach but the one Republicans throw around. The idea that if you sacrifice today, you’ll reap rewards tomorrow. Instead of asking for your cash upfront, they ask for your fear. By convincing you that “others” who refuse to pull themselves up by their bootstraps are going to take your shit, you’re willing to go without while you wait for your windfall to trickle down.

Instead of mitigating COVID and giving you a reason to vote for him during an election year Trump convinced you that a “socialist” was going to take your money. Considering that Trump has no plans to pass a stimulus bill, you might be waiting longer than expected.

The next 70 days are going to be interesting. As Trump begs for your cash and Mitch spends all of his time confirming judges, COVID is spreading exponentially. Biden who actually wants to save your life is being locked out of transition planning. Meanwhile, 72 million Americans who think the virus is a hoax, and believe all Trump criticism is fake will soon be asked to follow significant mitigation requirements by a President they are convinced stole an election.

Is it just me or does it feel like America is about to become the Life Alert lady? And if we fall, will we be able to get back up?

Featured Image: Unsplash / @aronvisuals

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  1. bob zanakis says:

    So true Linda.


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