Cognitive Load

When you have a condition that affects mobility, traveling anywhere involves planning, research and in some cases stress-induced, ingenuity. Normally when I attend a Politics and Prose book reading it’s held at Sixth and I. This historic DC venue is one I’ve scoped out, mastered and feel comfortable navigating either via car or public transportation….

Shut Up and Do the Work

Today, in Frederick, MD it was 64 degrees on February 20th! I ran to the bank early this morning when it was only 47 degrees and the insanity had already started. Folks in tank tops were jogging around snow piles that were 2 feet high and lots of shorts were seen walking in and out…

Failing to Surrender

Although there are many approaches to healing chronic, non-healable conditions, I’m fairly certain they all have one thing in common. Surrender. You have to surrender your need to heal yourself if you want to heal yourself. If you’re determined to fix your health problem you must be 100% okay with not fixing your health problem….

Day 31: Failing to Explain How I Plan to Kick MS’s Ass

This past November I started an online course with Irene Lyon, called The New Inner Game. It’s a 12-week nervous system rewire. Irene combines her kinesiology and bio-medical research backgrounds with her Feldenkrais and Somatic Experiencing certifications to do some pretty ground breaking work. The toughest part of this work is explaining it, but I…

Day 24: Failing to Blog (Again)

I was away this weekend which made blogging tough. Although I failed to write a post, I thought I’d officially use my blogging failures as opportunities to showcase blogs, sites and other artists, writers and scientists that I follow. One of my favorite blogs of all time is The Blog That Ate Manhattan (TBTAM), written…

Day 21: Failing to Make a Real Connection

Please welcome my dear friend and guest blogger, Niki Homes! In this busy and over-connected world, I find it hard to keep up with technology. I have an Instagram account, which I use an average of once every six weeks. I don’t tweet, nor have I even attempted to set up an account. Snapchat? Ah….

Day 20: Failing at Daily Blogging

I’m not sure if I’m woman enough to blog daily. I’m on day 20 and I’m already sweating a bit.  Then I realized that I could just blog about failing to blog and move on. So there you go. See you tomorrow.