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Neurokinetic Therapy

The best therapy I’ve tried for my Multiple Sclerosis.

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Mea Culpa Time

I planned on blogging again to talk about the cool stuff I’m doing for my MS. Than President Fucking-Feasance took over my brain. So today I’m going to get it all out of my system and move on. Fucking-Feasance? Although I’m not a lawyer, Trump has clearly carried out all three types of failures like […]

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Can't Wait until People are just People Again

After 9-11, every plane in the sky became a potential weapon to me. “Is that plane supposed to be so close to the Empire State building? Is that normal elevation for a plane landing at La Guardia? Holy hell, is a terrorist crashing a jet onto I-78 or is a pilot just heading towards Newark […]

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Last year while listening to Dax Sheppard’s podcast, Armchair Expert he mentioned his love of the quirky and farcical comedy-drama Patriot, a 2 season series on Amazon Prime. Patriot follows “the turbulent and complicated life of an intelligence officer, John Tavner, whose latest assignment is to prevent Iran from going nuclear. The assignment requires him to […]

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Almost Heaven, Indeed

My sister-in-law, Annette, was born and raised in Wild & Wonderful West Virginia! Her and my brother had their reception in Wheeling. My husband, Gary, got his BS from West Virginia University located in Morgantown. That’s also where I earned my MS degree. Heck, my parents live only 10 miles from the PA – WV […]

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What I’ve Learned from my Eleven Year Shit Show

I spent the entire weekend documenting everything I’ve tried for my MS. Thank God for iCal, my Amazon order history and the “purchase” file I keep in my email app. I’m not surprised by the vast majority of medicines, therapies and equipment as much as I’m shocked at what I forgot. For example I literally had […]

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Just Call Me Vinnie Barbarino

I mentioned recently that it’s hard for me to write about whatever I’m not directly experiencing or feeling.  I would love to write about the therapies I’m currently benefitting from but I can’t stop thinking about this administration’s response to the coronavirus. Like how in God’s name can someone spread incorrect public health information while […]

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Has He Finally Hit Rock Bottom?

Are we there yet? I personally thought our Asshole in Chief hit bottom the day he announced his candidacy back in 2015. Perhaps his bottom is coming since he’s officially 2 degrees of separation from the Coronavirus.  I sure hope the dude that placed the American flag on the stage isn’t the infected person that […]