A Nice, Boring, Government Transition

Michael Lewis’ book, The Fifth Risk, gave me a peek behind the scenes in terms of the running of our government and what happens when a new administration takes over. About 4000 people need to be hired, 1200 of which need to be confirmed. Then of course there are the many background checks and security clearances that need to be undertaken months in advance of the election for a smooth, safe transition to occur. 

Trump made the mistake of thinking a transition was like a corporate takeover, where the buyout includes the purchasing of all current employees who keep everything running smoothly until the new CEO assesses who stays and who ultimately goes. 

Although reading Lewis’ book scared the hell out of me, it made Trump’s failed COVID response make more sense. I wish Americans cared more about the apolitical, inner workings of our bureaucracy than the politicians that head our government. We’d not only vote better but also fight less by having the ability to separate actual facts from fantastical, political, narratives.

Having botched his transition going in, I can only imagine how Trump will bugger up transitioning himself out of office. This is why watching a group of adults with professional experience begin the process of setting up their administration was downright, relaxing. Calm. Serene. Instead of hoping that human “guard rails” picked based on loyalty would keep Trump in line, qualified candidates trusted to do their jobs so Biden can focus on his job are being presented to the country.

I look forward to being bored out of my mind when it comes to our government. I yearn to spend an entire day not thinking about my President. But most importantly, I can’t wait to have an administration who not only trusts our bureaucrats to do their jobs but supports them so they can do them well.

Maybe you too can help get our country back on track. Go to Build Back Better and apply for one of the thousands of positions that the Biden Administration will need to fill.

And if you’re curious about Lewis’ book, check out this 2018 long read from The Guardian.

Photo Credit: Unsplash / Patrick Tomasso

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