The Bracing Process

This is the 2nd post in a series. Click here for part one. The main reason my brace works so wonderfully is because of its customization. For anyone that works with patients via gait training, rehabilitation, physical therapy, orthotics, and orthopedics you’ll appreciate how John Logue at Gait Dynamics worked with me to get me walking again….

2017: Cautious Optimism Or Reckless Certainty?

A few months ago I was frustrated by my continued gait dysfunction. No matter which medications I’ve taken (Copaxone, Tysabri, Ampyra, Low Dose Naltrexone), therapies I’ve attempted (yoga, Feldenkrais, Anat Baniel Method, physical therapy, myofascial release, basic calisthenics), or medical equipment I’ve purchased (AFOs, foot drop braces, canes), my walking was going to shit. I’d…