100 Days of Self-Care

I was supposed to start this 3 weeks ago. Clearly I need an accountability partner or something. So I’m going to post daily and shame myself into getting my shit together.

Luckily I don’t write professionally because this would certainly result in my being fired. Professional journalists do some type of challenge, take notes, then write about what they discovered. They make it interesting. That’s their job.

Sadly, there’s nothing exciting about a disabled person writing about daily care. I’m not an ex-nun who after leaving the convent, wants to explore the club scene and keep a journal. Nor am I an ex-con who after 30 years of incarceration, is traveling the country in an Airstream, learning how to free solo rock climb. Now those would be cool blogs to follow and learn from.

I’m just trying to get the left side of my body to work. There’s nothing sexy about that. Therefore, I’m going to apologize in advance if I bore the hell out of you. I’ll try to be entertaining. I promise to tell the truth and never curate a bullshit image on social media.

So regarding day one. Drumroll please…

  • I got NeuroKinetic therapy at Dr. Deb’s office. She released some spasticity in my arm, and adjusted my back.
  • I did 30 minutes of aerobics (Treadmill/Elliptical)
  • Tonight I’m going to watch videos from a cool new neuro physical therapist I found online instead of drinking wine.
  • I didn’t use the excuse of being across the street from a Starbucks to justify ordering a salted caramel mocha and a scone. Instead I cooked fresh foods from scratch and ate a banana.

Now it’s time to take off this AFO (my foot is numb, swollen yet pulsating) and watch the Steelers hopefully kick Washington’s ass.

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