Day 29: Failing to Go Viral

I love when creative people and interesting things, go viral.  Not in a manufactured-for-television-Real-Housewives-sort-of-way but in the look-what-I happened-to catch-on-camera way:

Or in the I-just-happen-to-be-talented-creative-and-clearly-a-little-bored way.

I like to think that if youtube and smart phones were around when I my kids were little I would’ve done something epic. Then again, smart phones and youtube are around now and I haven’t done shit.

My biggest fear is that I’ll do something stupid and someone else will catch it on camera and I’ll go viral in an isn’t-it-unfortunate-that-our-crazy-neighbor-got-caught-falling-down-and-exposing-her-granny-pants-to-the-world way!

Seriously, if that’s ever me, do me a solid and put a black bar over my face and my ass before you post it!

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