Day 24: Failing to Blog (Again)

I was away this weekend which made blogging tough. Although I failed to write a post, I thought I’d officially use my blogging failures as opportunities to showcase blogs, sites and other artists, writers and scientists that I follow.

One of my favorite blogs of all time is The Blog That Ate Manhattan (TBTAM), written by my beautiful friend, Peggy, a gynecologist, foodie, traveler, Manhattan dweller, singer and overall amazing lady.  To pull directly from her About Page, when Peggy started her blog “it was supposed to be just a food blog, which you can probably tell by the name. But once I got started, I couldn’t shut up, and pretty soon I was writing about other things, including my day job. Eventually, the blog evolved into what you see today – food, medicine, my life and my opinions.  And the occasional silly song.

But seriously, the more I write, the more I realize what this blog is really about. It’s about creating what I hope is an unbiased, non-commercial space that helps women make sense of the conflicting, confusing and voluminous health information they are receiving in this digital era, much of it from sources with huge commercial bias and a product to sell. Let me help you separate the pitch from the pearls.”

TBTAM is my go to site for all things women’s health. She’s awesome at explaining medical information to the lay person, focuses on facts without hype or hyperbole while sharing tasty recipes, travel tips, lots of great posts about NYC, and she can sing, too!

I’ve noticed that she doesn’t post as often as she used to, but never fear. Her blog is over 10 years old now so there is plenty of amazing content to keep you busy.


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