Day 19: Success #1

This week I participated in a rolling Feldenkrais session. I rolled on my back, while holding onto my knees with my hands to become better aware of my movement. Specifically I explored how my arms, hands, neck, head, spine, rib cage, pelvis, and knees work together to allow my body to roll. I was encouraged to pretend as though my hands were finding my knees for the first time, the way a 3-month old might explore the act of rolling while attempting to roll over for the first time.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 11.53.02 PM

For about 25 minutes I slowly moved with awareness in a variety of ways and was able to notice a connection between my cervical spine, rib cage, pelvis and knees.

So why even do this?

Because the connections formed while lying on my back continued when I was upright and walking or climbing stairs.

For the first time in about a year I can raise a slightly bent leg about a 1/2 inch which is a huge deal. I tend to walk and ascend steps with a straight, stiff leg. It isn’t painful as much as it’s awkward and an inefficient way to move. Because I haven’t been able to bend my leg, I have to hike my hip to allow my foot clear the floor or steps. So bending my leg even a smidgeon is a win.

As I mentioned yesterday, enthusiasm for any changes (no matter how small) is what gets the brain firing and new neural pathways to form. Even though this blog is to document everything I’m trying to beat MS, no matter how often I fail, it’s just as important to celebrate the successes as well.

Here’s to an extra 1/2 inch of movement!

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