Day 11: Failing at Hating Obamacare (Or Obama for That Matter)

At my peak, the yearly retail cost of treating my MS was over $100,000.

Specifically I needed $6,500 monthly Tysabri infusions, twice-yearly MRIs to make sure that I hadn’t come down with progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (a scary, possible, fatal side effect of the Tysabri), a $1,500 monthly “walking drug” called Ampyra, multiple neurological, chiropractic and physical therapy appointments as well as lab tests to monitor my liver function.

Because of President Obama and his no more screwing over patients with pre-existing conditions protection, me and my family have avoided medical bankruptcy and I’ve had consistent coverage. And because I didn’t have to blow 100K on my medical care alone, I kept the economy running by spending that cash elsewhere.

You’re welcome.

So when every asshole politician (with unlimited healthcare coverage) claims he or she will be repealing the Affordable Care Act while never stating what their replacement plan consists of, I get a little annoyed.

That’s a lie. I get pissed off.

I’ve got a disease that I can’t get rid of, am involved in a healthcare system that only occasionally offers new drugs or procedures for me to try and as I progress I suffer from more side effects that lead to other diagnoses and disabilities. (As the limping due to my crappy leg gets worse, it throws my back out which means more chiropractic visits and possible future hip issues.)

Isn’t that bad enough?  Do you have to set me up to be financially destitute as well?

Thanks Obamacare. Thanks for giving a damn. Thanks for giving me some piece of mind so that I can focus on my health. I already feel bad enough for being a medical burden on my family. Thanks for not making me a financial burden as well.



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