Day 10: Failing at Finding The Humor

I really do run into walls but I don’t laugh when it happens. I’m usually too busy being grateful that I didn’t break something or relieved that I didn’t hit the ground completely.

I know I’m supposed to be enlightened when it comes to my diagnosis, but I find my disease process to be pretty annoying. Because of that I also find all the cute quotes and sayings annoying as well. Sayings like: I’m not drunk, I have MS; I used to be nice to look at but now with MS I’m fun to watch; or God gives us only what we can handle. Apparently God thinks that I’m a badass!

Since MS is incurable, I’m guessing these quirky sayings are supposed to provide comic relief in some way. The intention behind them is noble but they just don’t resonate with my personality, which is fine. I’ve found other ways to humanize my health challenges.

I orient. I notice the changing aches, pains, feelings and whatever else shows up in my body without judgment. I check in instead of checking out because my body is constantly communicating with me through these sensations and it’s my job to respond. Besides. If I’m going to get a chuckle, I want it to be earned via wit and comedic timing, not because of someone’s nervous laughter due to their embarrassment or discomfort.



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