Day 7: Failing at Finding a Dietary Cure

Look around the Internet enough and you’ll find a bunch of people that claim to have wiped away their MS symptoms through dietary changes alone. There’s the low-fat Swank Diet, Dr. Wahls’ paleo approach, Overcoming MS‘s almost vegan regimen, The Best Bet’s anti-leaky gut plan, the anti-allergy MS Recovery Diet, the Healing MS anti-candida program along with your basic Anti-Inflammatory strategy.

It’s exhausting reading the various books, making food lists, finding recipes, buying/prepping/preparing dishes while trying to cook for an entire family only to find that nothing worked for you, anyway.

Besides, how can so many conflicting dietary systems work to cure the same disease?

I guess since there’s no one right diet in general, there’s no one right diet for MS sufferers either.

I know how I like to eat.  I like all food groups, try to eat as many whole foods as possible and tend to seasoning alter my food choices based on personal cravings and dietary impulses. For example since it’s currently winter in the northern hemisphere I find myself craving animal proteins and cooked vegetables this time of year. Come the summer time when it’s warmer, I’ll eat more cold salads, fruits, fish and less read meat. I buy some organic when I can and home cook a large portion (at least 75%) of my daily intake. If that’s not good enough – screw it.  I don’t have the time or inclination to take on a new food regime.

Also, I’m not convinced it’s the answer for everyone. I know lots of people that eat really well yet suffer from all sorts of stuff (weight issues, depression, cancer, anxiety, dementia, and auto-immune problems, just to name a few). Not to mention all the folks that eat like shit  yet live well into their 70’s if not their 80’s.

Why some diets can heal and others don’t is beyond me.  At least through all of this trial and error I’ve figure out the way I like to eat and frankly, I’m sticking to it. My cure, I believe, takes a completely different form. I don’t think mine’s nutritionally based or I would’ve stumbled on it by now.

So I’ve officially stopped worrying about it and instead spend my time thinking about what delicious foods I want to cook for myself and my family.

Works for me. Hopefully you’ve found what works for you.




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