Day 6: Failing at Leaving The House

I really need to get out more but the truth is, it’s hard to leave my house.

I have to wear a special brace on my ankle that attaches to my shoe to keep my foot flexed.  As of now I can only wear this brace with tennis shoes, which means I can’t go anywhere dressy. (Yes I’m that vain not to wear tennis shoes with dresses.  It’s not the 80’s for Christ’s sake).

Even though I’m able to keep my foot flexed, because my hamstring doesn’t get activated and my knee is unstable I have to think about every step that I take.

Every step.

Besides thinking about walking, I tend to look down, searching for uneven surfaces, debris and other hazards, which is not the optimal way to walk.  It changes my center of gravity and makes my walking worse.  By the time I get to where I’m going I’m mentally exhausted.

Because I worry about each step I tend to anticipate a possible fall which means I’m always walking around in a slight state of panic and with increased muscular tension.

That’s why I’ve become a “no” person these last few years.  Its easier to stay at home.

I really should get out more.


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