Day 3: Failing Coffee

I put a lot of sugary, crap in my coffee.  In fact to the unsuspecting observer, it might seem like instead of adding sugar to my coffee I’m actually adding coffee to my mug of hot chocolate. Even though I know that eating sugar is an inflammatory act, I can’t seem to start my day without it because sugar equals flavor.

Since you can also add flavor by adding fat to a dish, I’ve decided to fatten up my morning cup of Joe. A pat of butter along with some 1/2 and 1/2 to be exact.

Yes it’s a slightly oiler rendition of what I’m used to but from a palatable perspective it makes black coffee taste better. Not necessarily sweet mind you, but flavorable and satisfying. I’m guessing that if I keep this up for the next week I will eventually get used to my non-sweet coffee and be able to drink it with just cream sometime in the future.

I came up with this idea after remembering the big bulletproof coffee phase that folks were talking about. I’m not doing this for weight loss or nutritional reasons other than to finally break my addiction to my morning sugar routine. If you’re interested in trying other versions there’s coconut oil coffee as well as a Wellness Mama’s sweeter version.



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